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Has your brand overlooked millions of consumers?

Is it possible that for decades your brand has failed to make market share gains due to missing data about consumers?

The missing data: Spiritugraphics®

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  • Why Spiritugraphics?

    For decades advertisers have used geographics, demographics, and psychographics to market to consumers. And yet a significant percentage of the population is underserved because the advertising world hasn’t correlated faith to consumption.

  • 38 Million Households

    People of faith operate under a distinct worldview that informs their life—including their consumption habits. There are 38 million faith-centric households in the U.S. and Spiritugraphics unlocks 10 key marketing tactics to win this huge market.

How did SeaPak Shrimp & Seafood Company go from a regional business to a half-billion-dollar market leader?

In representing SeaPak for over 15 years, we have witnessed the activation of spiritugraphics. SeaPak’s primary marketing strategy to dominate and win Lent each year has proven to be the differentiator for them, and it can be for other companies as well.

How does faith affect what people buy and don’t buy? What about where they make their purchases? Are consumers shopping differently today versus three to five years ago?

There are 38 million households of faith in the U.S., and how and what those people buy should be important to your company or brand, no matter your personal beliefs or faith. In Spiritugraphics, you will discover keen insights into topics important to marketers, such as:

  • 42.4%

    How much does “Made in America” affect shoppers of faith?

    In spite of current culture change, political correctness, and consequences of expressing diverse thought, 42.4% of female Christians in the U.S. say that “American-made” is very important.

    America’s Research Group National Behavioral Study, 2021

  • 60%

    Does “holiday” vs. “Christmas” really matter to people of faith?

    According to the research, 60% stated that any retailer promoting “Christmas” rather than “Holiday” (or other references) had a significant advantage with them compared to their competitors.

    America’s Research Group National Behavioral Study, 2021

Executives, marketers, and brand managers have long operated under the framework of demographics, geographics, and psychographics. Authors Benbow and Daniels present a new set of data points to be considered—spiritugraphics. In this book, they offer 10 key spiritugraphics that your company or brand should pay close attention to if you want to reach this highly engaged and deeply connected segment of the marketplace.