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    The Influence of Faith on Consumption and Why It Matters to Your Brand

    Brad Benbow & Phil Daniels

    In Spiritugraphics, authors Brad Benbow and Phil Daniels explorethrough research and case studies on some of the top brands and companiesthe question of whether faith influences consumption and to what extent it impacts our day-to-day purchasing decisions, with the goal of helping companies reach this large and loyal market segment.

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    • Brad Benbow circular headshot

      Brad Benbow is the chairman and CEO of Prolific. A nationally recognized growth strategist, Benbow regularly advises some of the fastest-growing organizations in the U.S., holding more than forty years of experience in revenue, media, and marketing. Benbow also cofounded Prolific portfolio companies JDA Worldwide and Conquer. Brad started his career with Ackerman McQueen in Dallas and went on to cofound Rutter Communications Network, the leading cable advertising rep firm in the U.S., before selling the firm to Comcast in 2005. He and his wife, Julie, have three sons and daughters-in-law and seven grandchildren and live in Traverse City, Michigan.

    • Phil Daniels circular headshot

      Phil Daniels has experienced success with his career agency and brand consultancy work, producing remarkable results for brands like Salesforce, McLaren Automotive, and Chase Bank. He also co-founded the leading health analytics platform, earning “Top Company Culture,” “Best Place to Work,” and “Culture of the Year” honors. Today, Phil leads JDA Worldwide, where he focuses on growth and strategic initiatives for global brands on a mission. Phil’s passion for his family, the various boards on which he serves, and sommelier mastery, keep him attuned to appreciating what is good and impactful in every moment.

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