Don’t Go It Alone.

Maximize your growth with the help of the agency that developed spiritugraphics.

Spiritugraphics was developed by JDA Worldwide, based on consumer insights gleaned through years of representing clients who target households of faith. Our clients have experienced tremendous growth using spiritugraphic insights and we can help you do the same. Our family of businesses covers the gamut—from strategy, marketing, and branding to media and public relations.

  • Each extension of our network of firms utilizes and implements spiritugraphics, ensuring that you will not miss out on the market gains embedded within such consumers.

  • JDA Worldwide is a full-service advertising agency serving clientele across a myriad of industries, including SeaPak Shrimp, Bleacher Report, Ruth’s Chris, Nestle, and more.

  • Prolific is the growth firm, helping emerging organizations maximize their revenue, relevancy, and impact, through strategy, performance, and capital.

  • Conquer is a modern media agency using strategy, marketing science, and media relationships to grow brands.

  • Chernoff Newman is an integrated communications firm, combining creativity with business know-how to deliver cross-channel solutions based on research. Business results are our ultimate measure of success, so we keep your bottom line in mind and your reputation at heart.

  • We are


    Our partners receive a cohesive growth experience that is not siloed. While we effectively execute singular capabilities with excellence, our longest-standing partners enjoy an integrated growth relationship rooted in strategy, performance, and capital.

  • We are


    A hallmark of our firm is developing audacious strategies for partners with big vision. We take big ideas and turn them into measurable action and growth. Our spirit comes from an abundance mindset, a desire to exhaust all possibilities, and a commitment to “best-in-class,” not “best practices.”

  • We are


    We are great partners and lousy vendors. Our team excels when we have a seat at the table, an opportunity to dream with our partners, ask “why” a lot, and bring big ideas to life.

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